US paying for Cuban refugees in Costa Rica!

US pays to feed and shelter Cuban migrants en route to US

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3/6/16 – While the US is sinking under the seas of debt another hole in the ship is exposed: we’re paying for migrants from Cuba…and they aren’t even here yet.  This is completely insane.  But how many times have we had to say that in recent months?  Hillary running for president?

Stop sending money all over the world and start at home!  Take care of our service men and women!  Rebuild our infrastructure!    If it makes clear sense the establishment will refuse to do it.

The New York Times’ Frances Robles posted this article today.

“It’s a double standard for sure,” said Kevin Appleby, the international migration policy director at the Center for Migration Studies in New York. “We are not doing that for the Central American children who are more vulnerable. We are not paying for their shelters in Mexico.”

The American government, he noted, has paid Mexico to step up deportations.

“They are handling even more vulnerable populations by using tax dollars to interdict them, versus housing others,” he said. “That’s the inconsistency they are embarrassed about.”


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