Ballot hijinx against Trump voters; multiple states

Voters call news radio shows to report errors, vote stealing

Voter Fraud Super Tuesday 3 1 2016

3/1/16 – One thing that has been thrown onto the big screen of U.S. politics in this presidential race is the blatant manipulation the establishment uses on voters to maintain their strangle-hold on the process and outcome in order to protect the gravy train of cash into their own pockets.  There has been an all out assault against Trump from media outlets, China, the former president of Mexico, the Pope, and all things and people “establishment”, making false claims of what Trump supposedly said or did when it turns out to be altered audio or outright lies.

Watch this clip from MSNBC where the rattled newscaster tries to dismiss the live interview of a well-informed black voter supporting Trump by saying “Let me be clear here: Obviously the majority of Trump supporters are not African American”.  Really?  I wouldn’t start telling Black voters how they can or should vote if I were you.  That is demeaning and manipulative and an insult to their intelligence.  In addition to that, the guest she is interviewing, David Corn of Mother Jones, makes distorted or completely false statements about Trump, his views, and his campaign.

The black voter interviewed was exactly correct!  He said, “David Duke and people like that, they come out from under the rocks all the time around this time this year.  It’s got nothing to do with Donald Trump.  We’re all Americans.  I think we need to stop with all this racist stuff and race baiting…We’re all Americans, man.  Nobody paying David Duke no mind.”

“Rather than cut to some racist KKK supporter, the control room cut to a clip featuring a black Trump supporter named Frank Vick who praised Trump and attacked the media for trying to divide Americans based on race, describing exactly what Hall and her guest Corn were just doing,”points out Chris Menahan.

We’ve seen repeated media distortions when the American public, of every race, creed, and status, is turning out in droves to not only support Trump but to vote for him in landslide margins.  So why the constant bad reporting on Trump?  Obviously it’s an attempt to manipulate voters!

It’s more blatantly obvious than ever before just how much the media is a tool of propaganda to conduct social engineering.  Trump is winning by a landslide yet the media continues to say it ‘aint so and to insult voters or intimidate them.

We’ve had president Obama say Trump will never be president, as well as multiple other prominent figures.  The arrogance of these people trying to tell us who we can vote for is not only bad form, it should be a major red flag to you.  And it is a threat to our freedoms at such a level that it requires a strong response.

There has been inside intel given to Alex Jones on the Republican establishment coordinating an attack against Trump.  That unfolded just as Trump Adviser and renowned political strategist Roger Stone said it would.

InfoWars video reporter Joe Biggs interviewd the host of a Austin, TX news radio program who fielded callers saying their votes were altered.  The man said, “We can pick an American Idol more accurately than we can a president.”


Now we’re hearing of ballot error in multiple states with voters calling in to news shows retelling their experiences of their votes being switched from Trump to Rubio without their knowledge or permission.

fake rubio ballot Virginia 3 1 16
Shot of Virginia voter’s ballot pre-filled for Rubio

A Virginia voter received a ballot that was already marked for Rubio.  (see right)

If the establishment is that upset, Trump must have hit a nerve: and that would be a very good thing!  That’s what we need!

So, in light of this battle, I will break my traditional view of never telling anyone who to vote for and give you a summary of why I think this year and this election is very different than any that have come before.

As I’ve watched all this unfold I see this as a process of elimination.  I was not a Trump supporter in the beginning but I am now.

There is no option to vote for a Socialist if you have any sense of what freedom is about and have even a rudimentary knowledge of history.  It’s just a notch away from Communism.

Even cursory digging removes Hillary from the list and reveals the astonishing theft, lying, law breaking and sudden death syndrome of a very long list of people associated with them.  Do I need to mention the horrible treatment of women by both Hillary and Bill?  She truly should be in prison and should not even be allowed to run with all she has done, and done with an arrogance as if she believes she is immune to prosecution.

Unfortunately Rand Paul never got his legs under him (or maybe received so many threats as his father also did, that he relented) and has dropped out.

I did like some of what Carson said but he said he wanted to make vaccines mandatory and that is a no go for me.  At this point he is also not an option politically.  We need to keep our votes where they can count.

That leaves us with those on the Republican side, Rubio and Cruz the GOP’s chosen ones, who are both establishment, and puppets for the NWO.  Cruz isn’t even legally allowed to run due to citizenship issues as stated in the U.S. Constitution, and he and his wife are members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, which is a major NWO tool) and have worked toward eliminating borders and a one world government, in addition to receiving millions from Goldman Sachs because Mrs. Cruz works there.

Both of these guys have serious problems with contradictions on what they say and do and how they vote.

This is all madness!  We all know that if something doesn’t happen NOW to change the direction we are headed in that it will be the last nail in the coffin and our country is done.

Europe’s migration implosion is already simmering here.  And the NWO calling card is “order out of chaos”, so lets stop the chaos before it happens!

That leaves us with the one guy who cannot be bought, the one guy who has refused to follow the political establishment’s rule book.

He is not perfect and I don’t agree with him on everything; no two people with functioning brain cells will ever agree on everything.  But even if he gets a few of the things done he has stated he would do in office, our country would immediately begin to catch its breath and start to turn around.

Eliminate Obamacare?  Yes, immediately!  Renegotiate or kill NAFTA?  Yes!  Get rid of the IRS and change the tax structure?  Yes, immediately!  Stop lobbying immediately!  Audit the FED!  Stop the bleeding and start over!

If we can get someone, anyone, to actually do that, and protect him or her from assassination, we could in fact Make America Great Again.  But, if we don’t do it now we may never have another opportunity: there may not be a United States, only a region in the global structure.

I suggest that you pray very hard for our country and for this election.

Use caution when you are voting: 1) carefully check what you’ve entered before you submit, then 2) review it to make sure that what you intended to select is reflected by the machine or ticket system and that it has not changed your voting choices.

We have no hope outside of the L_rd G-d.  From the human perspective we hope and pray the renegade Trump will do what he said he would do.  All the other candidates would seal the fate of this country, meaning certain death for a country already on its death bed.  We know with certainty what we would get with them.  If Trump wins we at least have a small hope, but we have to watch carefully and pray that he does what he said he would do.

Democracy cannot survive without the watchful eye and swift response of informed citizens. -ShofarChic

That’s why this is a process of elimination.

Mr. Trump, America is praying you will do what you said you would do because we all know that we’re out of time and the stakes could not be higher.

Readers, pay closer attention than you ever have before to the manipulation of the media, to half-truths and outright lies.  Pay closer attention to the all-out attack against Trump by even those who have pretended in previous times to be enemies.  There is no difference between the Republican and Democrat sides: If you are not aware of that you have a whole lot of homework to do because it has been very obvious for a very long time.  They are a single establishment herding us like cattle into the chute toward global government and one world religion.

Wake up people and join the rest of us who recognize the severity of the situation and take action.  We can change the course!

This is a turning point, a “tipping point” as Rabbi Jonathon Cahn says.  It very well may be a point of no return.  Do not relinquish your freedom to the establishment or especially a Socialist: You will never get it back!



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