Trump triumphs over Rubio, Cruz; cements his front-runner status

Despite chaos, angry voters at Nevada caucus, Trump towers over GOP candidates

Trump wins Nevada

2/23/16 – Trump removes all doubt in a resounding victory over both Cruz and Rubio, confirming his position as front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Yahoo News reports, “As soon as caucus sites closed Tuesday night, the networks called the Silver State for tinsel-haired mogul Donald Trump. The speed of that call, which came long before most precincts had officially reported their results, suggested an overwhelming margin of victory for “the Donald” — even though, unlike Rubio and Cruz, he never bothered to build much of a Nevada campaign at all.”

Results are here provided by Politico.

Might the word be “landslide?”  Might there be hope for a president that will actually steer the ship back to safe waters?  Might we have a president who can’t be bought?  Is there hope of  bringing jobs back home?

He’s not perfect.  We don’t need perfect.  We need a man who is his own man, who can’t be bought and won’t play the same political games that have caused so many self-inflicted wounds to this country.

I posted tonight a must-hear interview with man on fire Paul McGuire where he said to TruNews host Rick Wiles, “People in American have reached a desperation point.”  We are all fed up with the political games and back room deals negotiating away our freedom and liberty and systematically dismantling the United States.  Many of us collectively sense the danger we are in.

I agree with Mr. McGuire that this may be the most critical time in the history of our nation and the most critical presidential election; not because electing a president fixes all of our problems: it most certainly does not.  Nothing will fix our country if we all don’t get back on our knees and repent and stop the bleeding.

We must all do something to right the self-destructive course on which we seem to be careening out of control.

There isn’t much time left to stop the implosion.

Please pray for our country, and for the Christian community to wake up before it’s too late.  We are standing on the edge of a very dark precipice and if we don’t act immediately there will no longer be a United States.

Pray for Trump.  The NWO has to be fuming.  And he is putting his life on the line to try to save a once great country.  There is still hope but only if we act now.



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