Atlas: the next gen robotics from Google’s Boston Dynamics

When knocked to the ground this model recovers and continues the mission

2/24/16 – Here is the latest model, Atlas, from Boston Dynamics.  This impressive release can recover from being knocked off balance and even when knocked to the ground.

These machines will take jobs and be utilized for law enforcement, and the transhumanism movement will implant small machines in all of us if we let them.

I have to wonder though, this is only the stuff the higher ups let us know about.  Make no mistake, whatever we see is already at least 30 years old, it has been developed for decades.  It’s what we don’t know about that is so bloomin’ scary.  They already have all they need to keep the world in line and if global government truly is about to be rolled out, as so many indicators seem to suggest, they certainly have the arsenal of black op tech to accomplish the goal.

Keep all of that in mind while we watch the signs.  Also keep an eye on the propaganda through all media platforms regarding one world government, going cashless, and one world religion.  It’s all being pushed heavily right now in music and on television.  The machines and robotics will play a part in that master plan.



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