Must-Hear roundtable discussion on the high strangeness of Justice Scalia’s death

So many strange events, bizarre handling of events…it stinks to high heaven

Scalia Funeral

2/23/16 – This thought provoking discussion is a must for those pondering the bizarre handling of the death of Justice Scalia.  As the information trickles out we become even more disturbed at what appears to be at minimum highly suspicious and at worst a hit on a Supreme Court Justice  by someone who wanted to leave a calling card to intimidate or threaten others.

Obama snubs the funeral then makes a chilling joke in a press conference; all inappropriate.  What in the world is going on?  This interview will help shed light on so many of the things the government is clearly trying to keep in the dark.

You must hear this discussion.  Also, check out the helpful timeline put together by the TruNews team.


Listen to the program:

Outstanding timeline of the events:

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