InfoWars Video Update: Scalia death strangeness continues

Judge refuses to answer questions

2/18/16 – (InfoWars)  This important update by InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs on the suspicious death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia brings to the fore even more questions and issues that suggest either complete incompetence or a planned hit.

We must demand answers as the ramifications of the death of one of the most powerful men in American cannot be overstated.  It truly can be a pivot point for the U.S.

Lord help us if our Supreme Court Justices are being taken out.  He was the one justice that was standing in the way of many of Obama’s goals that were to come before the court this year.  There is clear motive and opportunity for a political hit.  If this was not a political hit we need to know that too!  But the evidence is not suggestive of an accidental or natural death.  We must demand answers to these questions!



Videos: Infowars Unravels Scalia Murder Mystery

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