Bill Holter: When will the system collapse? “You’re watching it”

“I think this is a very odd question…you should be able to see it”


Down trend through the floor

2/9/16 – In a riveting TruNews interview, Bill Holter, trend economist and joint partner in Jim Sinclair’s Mineset, explained the terrifying market trends around the globe and how it impacts financial planning through 2016 and beyond.  When host Rick Wiles asked Mr. Holter when the crash would be evident the guest replied with a chilling certainty, “You’re watching it.  It’s happening right now.”

Listen to the entire 36 minute interview with Bill Holter here.

He further explained, “It’s a process that will culminate in the closure of markets,” meaning “the ceasing of credit and that’s when everyday life changes.”

How do stores stock their shelves?  How do transport truckers fill their tanks with diesel?  It’s all with credit.  “Crops don’t get planted without credit,” he said.  And, if credit collapses, which according to Mr. Holter is already in process, everything stops.

Rick Wiles brought up the topic of the global standstill with shipping channels.

“Right.  The Baltic Dry Index is now at 340.  Just several years back it was at 10,000  So freight rates have dropped 97%.  There are freighters called zombie ships with nothing on them.”

That one issue means in some sectors shortages are beginning and no stock is on the way to replenish store shelves.

There was a story in recent days about the FED wanting to test negative interest rates with the U.S. banks.  What does Mr. Holter believe that should signal to us?

“It tells me they know it’s coming.  Negative interest rates basically mean that nothings real.  I mean, it’s a fake system.  How do negative interest rates make sense in any fashion?  How does it make sense for you to pay the bank to safeguard paper?”

Rick asked the question that’s been burning on so many people’s minds, “How long can this insanity continue to play out until it just can’t go anymore and the whole system breaks apart?”

“I don’t think much longer.  I would not categorize it in a manner of six month to a year.  I would categorize it in a matter of weeks to two or three months.”

He was referring to a major event happening with credit.

“It is that severe.  Once credit cracks or cracks up, like I said, I don’t think you’ll have more than two spins of the globe before everything closes down.”

He went on to give a couple of scenarios in real-time.

“Russia and China just finalized their deal where Russia is going to provide oil to China and it’s going to be paid for in Yuan.  You have to ask, what if Saudi Arabia did the same thing?  They’re looking at China and they’re saying, well, we can’t really let Russia become their big supplier so we need to cut a deal with China and we’re going to accept Yuan for oil.”

I just reported here this week on the Iran oil deals with France, Spain and Russia that specify they will not accept payment in U.S. dollars but in Euros.  That is the beginning of the end of the petro-dollar.

Bail-ins are on the way, says Mr. Holter.  “That’s already happened in a number of countries and so now legislation has been passed throughout the world including the United States, Canada, and throughout the European Union and Great Britain.  Now we’re ready.  It’s in Russia.  So they’ve set up the legal mechanism for the next crisis and they’re literally going to go in and grab all the money they can grab to pay their debts.”

What happened in Greece is going to happen to the United States?  “100% correct.”

There is also a major push for a cashless society and system which would give the globalists and the banks control over your money.  Mr. Holter explained that you would not be able to withdraw your money, you could only transfer the digits from one institution to another, so they would be able to prevent a bank run, but it also takes away all of your control.

And with the system coming that will surely be similar to the one already in use in China, they will eventually link up your political obedience with your credit score which in turn would give you the credits, if you are obedient, to buy food, or would remove access to funds, or just remove the funds, as a repercussion for statements or behavior that are not in line with the state’s views or policies.

“I’ve said for years, I think all the way back to 2007, 2008, I said that some of the policies that were being put in place had to be on purpose because no one could be that stupid.  And here we are, seven, eight, nine years later, and you look back on it, there’s no way we could have gone to a one world currency, there’s no way the world could be put completely under control with a free and thriving middle-class in the United States.  And the policies that have and are being put in place, are obviously being put in place to destroy the U.S.  The U.S. has to be neutered before this process can go forward.  That’s what we’re living through right now: the great neutering.”

See ShofarBlast article, Did China just launch the Mark of the Beast?

Mr. Holter summed it up this way, “I would also like to add, you know, a cashless society…Just look in the Bible where they talk about the Mark of the Beast and you won’t be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast.  Well, there you have it.  That’s what it is.”

I highly recommend that you listen to the interview in full.  There is so much important information that we all need to hear in preparation for these dark times.

Michael Snyder put it this way, “So many of the exact same things that we saw happen in 2008 are happening again right now; and you would have to be blind not to see it.”

Folks, if you don’t know Yeshua Jesus, introduce yourself today.  Ask Him to take up residence in your heart.  You’ll never be the same and you’ll never regret it.




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