NY: Nuclear plant leak; radioactivity levels increase 65,000%

Leak at the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York 40 miles north of Manhattan has sent contaminant into the area groundwater

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2/8/16 – A leak at the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York has sent contaminant into the area groundwater, causing radioactivity levels 65,000% higher than normal, the Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.

Over the weekend CNN reported:

2/6/16 – A leak at the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York has sent contaminant into the area groundwater, causing radioactivity levels 65,000% higher than normal, the Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.

The groundwater beneath the nuclear plant, which does not contribute to drinking water, flows into the Hudson River at a point about 25 miles north of New York City.

Indian Point’s parent company Entergy said elevated levels of tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, had been detected in the groundwater at the facility, but that “there is no health or safety consequence to the public.”

The leak also does not pose a threat to the river environment because dilution would render the radioactive water “undetectable,” said Neil Sheehan, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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We’ve seen so many water disasters in recent years it makes ones head spin.  Whenever they say radioactivity is diluted and “no health consequence” for the public, run for your life.  Thoughts of Flint, Michigan anyone?

ABC News reported:

The leak occurred after a drain overflowed during a maintenance exercise while workers were transferring water, which has high levels of radioactive contamination, said Neil Sheehan, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Normally, a sump pump would take the water and filter it into another treatment system, but the pump apparently was out of service, Sheehan said. After the drain overflowed, the [contaminated] water seeped out of the building into the groundwater.

It was unclear how much water spilled, but samples showed the water had a radioactivity level of more than 8 million picocuries per liter, a 65,000 percent increase from the average at the plant, Cuomo said. The levels are the highest regulators have seen at Indian Point, and the normal number is about 12,300 picocuries per liter, Cuomo said.

NY Daily News reports:

The site, roughly 35 miles north of New York City, has been under increased scrutiny from Cuomo and other officials following several incidents. In December, Cuomo ordered an investigation into Indian Point after a series of unplanned shutdowns, citing potential risks to both the city and surrounding suburbs.

According to CNN, An “out-of-service” sump pump caused the contaminated water to overflow a containment drain and leak out of the building, eventually seeping into the groundwater at the site, NRC spokesman Sheehan said.

The pump just stopped working??  Why wasn’t it caught?  Incompetence?  Was it some sort of attack?  Who knows.

Remember the movie, Erin Brockovich?  Ask her about the families affected with all forms of suffering from health issues and cancers due to chemicals from plants that claimed the chemicals don’t travel away from their home site.  We KNOW that is a false claim once they have been spilled.

But what we do know is that radioactive anything is very dangerous to your health.  And to say that it is in the groundwater but will not affect drinking water is ridiculous: it IS possible for it to affect drinking water.

We’ve had many many cases where that has been proven to be a false statement.  Water does not move just vertically with pumps and pipes, it moves horizontally via just the moisture content in the ground as well as with tiny fingerling trickles and small underground waterways.  Every time it rains and the ground gets saturated whatever is contaminated expands to a larger area.  We know this to be possible in at least two ways.  We’ve seen many cases of farm wells that were later found to have been contaminated from chemicals that slowly seep through the moisture in the soil and into the well water, or they find their way into tap water through pin holes, cracks and breaks in underground pipes and decrepit water infrastructure.  These contaminants continue to move, more and more with each rainfall, and they affect everything they touch and they in turn then affect everything they touch.

We now have two concurrent environmental disasters on each coast of the U.S., Porter Ranch, California with the massive methane leak causing nearly seven thousand people to be evacuated and a nuclear plant in New York that has already sent radioactive material into the Hudson river and into the groundwater.

This year is off to a frightening start.  Please protect yourself with emergency supplies and with excellent quality water filtration.  (Please prayerfully consider our sponsors)

Most of all, pray for your nation and for ours.  Repent daily.  Ask G_d for mercy.  Pray for wisdom, sharp discernment, and to hear the voice of the Shepherd clearly as He guides us away from danger.

We are coming to an climax and the cymbals are about to crash in response.

If you don’t know Yeshua Jesus, please visit our Who is Yeshua Jesus? page for more.  Call on Him today while there is still time.  He loves you and is calling to your heart.










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