Ron Paul Interview: New AUMF resolution “a very dangerous attack on liberty”

“It wasn’t up front; it’s very suspicious.  The Connecticut Senator was exactly right.”

1/28/16 – Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX) dished up a full helping of refreshing honesty today on an Alex Jones interview in InfoWars.

The main topic was the new AUMF (Authorized Use of Military Force) authorization put forth by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just before the weekend during a blizzard and written by partner in crime Senator Lindsey Graham (R-NC).

The resolution provides unprecedented war powers to the president without congressional approval and congress can never get it back…which as Dr. Paul points out would go to the next Republican president.

Strangely the media has remained mute (a huge red flag) on the subject which should be received with outrage by the American people.

Dr. Paul described it this way.

“The Connecticut Senator was absolutely right,” referring to Senator Chris Murphy’s (D-CT) speech on the senate floor that said it is a total rewrite of the war powers clause of the U.S. Constitution.  (See Senator Murphy’s speech below)

“(It is) another blatant attack from a Republican who is supposed to oppose giving power to a Democratic president.  But you know what they’re thinking about?  They’re thinking soon there’s going to be a Republican president…They’re all the same people.  Both sides are authoritarian.”

“It’s very, very dangerous,” he said, “it’s an attack on liberty that should alert the American people.  But unfortunately we…have a lot of work to do to wake up the American people.”

Regarding the underhanded and in the shadows way the resolution was introduced he said, “It wasn’t upfront.  It was done in the middle of a snowstorm hoping that it wouldn’t be covered (by the media).  And yet (Mitch McConnell) felt compelled to do this.  It’s very suspicious.  There is talk about expanding the war.  A lot of Republicans want boots on the ground and this authority (that) we’re talking about.”

On the topic of losing freedom and liberty through means such as the Patriot Act: “The whole thing is the American taxpayer and the American people suffer from the consequences of believing that it’s necessary for our national security which is a complete lie.  Lies took us into the Iraq war and the lies continue.”

On the high-level agenda:  “The deliberate policy seems to be evil.  They have ulterior motives.  Chaos is a benefit to people who want a negative revolution.  I want a peaceful revolution toward liberty.  But there are others who would like to see revolution out of fear so that (the people) succumb to saying, government take care of me economically.  So they use and deliberately cause this chaos.  But a lot of people don’t want to believe that…And sometimes it’s just hard to believe that people exist like that in our government.  But it’s getting a little easier for me to accept that as the years go on.”

Host Alex Jones observed, “Sanders and Hillary are going to use the crisis they helped to create, as you’ve always warned, to bring in even more control.  The big event you’ve warned of is in sight.”

“We are moving rapidly.  I don’t like to do timing…(but) by the end of this year it’s going to be evident to most Americans that we really are in a recession and depression.”

Alex asked the former Senator, “What about Hillary?  Do you think they’re about to throw her overboard, because it looks like they may indict her?”

“Right now that looks like the case, and I thought they never would (indict her) so it must be pretty bad,” Dr. Paul replied.

When asked about the current list of presidential candidates, the former Senator made the point, “The only one that even approaches or even talks about and understands a non-interventionist foreign policy and an economic policy and anti-fed position…it’s only Rand that’s even talking about this.  But then again, that’s the message they don’t want to (be) heardThey are very, very fearful of anybody talking about a foreign policy that challenges the military industrial complex because they are very, very powerful and they’re in cahoots with the Federal Reserve.  And that’s how a lot of evil is done in this country.”

Listen to the entire interview above.



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