All doctors should screen for depression in adults – government task force recommendation

Watch out, communist style mental health screening could be mandatory

doctor with patient

1/26/16 – All doctors – not just psychiatrists – should screen adults for depression, according to a government task force, a recommendation which could usher in backdoor gun control, more government marking of individuals, or even forced medication.

With the new social networking system that measures your compliance to the State now being utilized in China that appears it could be Mark of the Beast material, it is easy to see how this kind of information would be part of your file and counted against your friends.  It’s also easy to see how we are moving closer to a Logan’s Run or Hunger Games culture.  I wrote about both of those issues here on ShofarBlast.

Before you know it, they will have a lottery to end our lives.

Since we know the NWO wants us stupid and dependent, and since mind- and mood-altering drugs have been pushed on the U.S. population for years because it very aptly serves their agenda, they would want more of the same for a number of reasons.  It provides a back-door opportunity for gun control claiming incompetence, which they are already using against many people including military personnel; it provides a way for increased mind- and mood-altering drugs distribution; and it increases the number in the population that can be easily controlled.

This is a very disturbing and dangerous road.



Backdoor Gun Control: Doctors – Not Psychologists – to Screen All Adults for Depression

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