German TV adopts crescent moon and star for its new logo

Weeks after New Year’s rape attacks and public outcry against Merkel Islam is pushed on German media station

Germany TELE 5 TV_new logo-2016-01-13-at-19.56.12-640x480

1/15/16 – Germany television channel TELE 5 released a new logo Wednesday the 13th with the Islamic crescent moon and star over the German flag.

The Islamic crescent and star has long been a symbol associated with Islamic countries and the Pan-Arab movement. The symbol itself is meant to convey the rule of Islam and Islamic laws and traditions.

The move comes a few weeks after the German state broadcaster, ZDF, launched an Arabic-language version of its news service online, and emblazoned Arabic subtitles over German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s New Year’s address.

One viewer tweeted:

“So just so I’m clear on this, immigrants rape women in Cologne then blow them up in Istanbul and @Tele5 responds by honoring their religion?” @MisterMetokur


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