75 times Obama broke law during presidency

A list of Obama’s crimes showing why Congress must impeach him now


1/6/16 -Kit Daniels of InfoWars complied a great list of just how many times President Obama has broken the law.  This is an important article.

Kit writes, “Here is a list of at least 75 times President Obama violated the constitution and/or broke federal law during his presidency, which also doubles as a list of at least 75 reasons why congress must impeach the president now.”

  1. Illegally armed Mexican drug cartels and ISIS militants

In Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration facilitated the sale of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and stopped tracking those weapons once they crossed the border so the administration could later blame the Second Amendment.

“The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives apparently ordered one of its own agents to purchase firearms with taxpayer money, and sell them directly to a Mexican drug cartel,” the New York Post reported. “Let that sink in: After months of pretending that ‘Fast and Furious’ was a botched surveillance operation of illegal gun-running spearheaded by the ATF and the US attorney’s office in Phoenix, it turns out that the government itself was selling guns to the bad guys.”

Even more shocking, President Obama authorized a shipment of guns to the Syrian opposition, a.k.a. ISIS-linked militants, on the exact same day he demanded more gun control in response to the Oregon shooting.




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