Alex Jones on OR standoff & Obama gun grab: “The timing stinks to high heaven”

“Technically and politically, it looks like a pretty bad situation to me.”

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1/5/16 -As soon as I heard about the occupation in Oregon my stomach tightened and I said out loud, “uh-oh.”  Then when I heard about the coming announcement of the executive order on gun control, I thought, “Hmmm, that timing is very strange…and suspicious.”  Apparently I’m not the only one who thought so.

On the Tuesday, January 5th broadcast of InfoWars, Alex Jones spelled out the precarious situation in Oregon with the Bundys and the correlation with the Obama announcement on gun control.

“Technically and politically, it looks like a pretty bad situation to me.  And with the simultaneous roll-out of Obama coming for the guns, the timing of this stinks to high heaven.”

This coming at a time when a Swiss general just made a public announcement urging citizens to arm themselves in response to social unrest and economic decline, and Germany is in chaos with the flood of mid-eastern migrants committing violence.

The Czech president said the Muslim brotherhood is behind the invasion of Europe…and we’re still bringing in thousands of those migrants to the U.S. with little or no vetting at all.

Read the article:

Politico, World Net Daily, the NRA and the Obama administration are all saying this is a national gun registry.

This new executive order includes the possibility of a gun ban for many social security recipients, which can be accomplished using auto-deposit as a branding of “incompetent”, and saying that doctors can report you if you’ve ever been on certain medications, which would include mood altering drugs such as Xanax or the related medications that millions of Americans use daily.

He cited the LA Times article, “Gun crime has plunged but Americans think it’s up, says study“, which presents the Pew study statistics.

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In the U.S. according to, says Alex Jones in the Tuesday broadcast:

  • there are approximately 380 million people in the U.S., including illegals
  • gun death is one of the rarest forms of death
  • approximately 12,000 people per year die a violent death
  • over 7,000 are suicides
  • 5,000 or so are killed by guns
  • hundreds of thousands die on highways
  • tens of thousands die from a fall in the shower
  • “your shower is more dangerous than guns”

“Will we have the triumph of disinformation,” Alex asks.

Jones expressed outrage and shock over the administration’s bold move that was wider than expected.

“Obama cried in the press conference.  The guy that formed ISIS and Al Qaeda to kill hundreds of thousands of people in Syria and Libya, the guy who’s doubled black unemployment, the guy who has raised taxes on the poor.  How sick is that!  Fake crying!”

Jones pointed out that Obama’s hometown, Chicago, has the highest crime rate for a city in the world.

“He’s got all these armed guards but he doesn’t want you to have them.”

“The big movement that has been launched…an incredibly treacherous moment of pure evil by the Obama administration and the (George) Soros crime syndicate that is attempting to overthrow this country.”

Read the article: Top ten Soros targets in 2016

The NY Daily News reports surging presidential candidate and gun enthusiast Ted Cruz encouraged his Twitter followers to “fight back against @BarackObama’s unconstitutional #2A executive actions.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) suggested the measures amounted to “intimidation that undermines liberty.”

The GOP is scrambling to make a response to the White House move.  Why not an immediate and unified call for impeachment since the “executive order” is completely illegal?

Trump says the move is “no good” and “no fair” and that he will “unsign” the order.

Worried about the Bundy situation in Oregon, which is being monitored by the FBI and has caused such frustration for gun advocates Jones says, “I don’t want violence.  I wanna see congress shoot down these executive orders.  I want to see law suits.  I want to see governors like Abbott say, ‘Come and take it.'”

But, the situation now is very serious.

“The great gun ban has begun.  They are coming for the guns.  This is only the beginning.  We warned you.  This is the strategy to destroy the second amendment.”

Has the Bundy group been influenced by a plant?  They seem to have been very poorly advised.

The local people don’t want them there, the Hammond’s don’t want them there, the sheriff doesn’t want them there; so what are they doing there?

This is a very bad situation that, “could not come at a worse time,” says Jones.  “They want to start a civil war.”

All the evidence says that is exactly what they (the globalists, the NWO) want.

Order out of chaos.

The economy is reeling, the mid-east is on high boil, Europe is upside down.  The world is ready and the technology is in place for a take over and the globalists know it.

Act now!  Call your political officials to act against all of this madness before it’s too late.

We know according to biblical prophecy a world government takes over at some point before Christ returns.  But maybe it doesn’t have to happen on our watch!  Our quick and appropriate action can delay that take over.

We just had the Shemitah.  It certainly has proven to be exactly what Rabbi Cahn said it would be, a passing of a major point in time, that when we look back on it we will be able to see it was a significant highway marker which after passing it everything changed.

But, whether we are able to roll enough of this back or not, biblical prophecy is unfolding every day!  No other ancient document has been so shockingly detailed and unwavering in its accuracy.  It is proof that it truly is God’s word.

God loves us so much He gave us many warnings in the Bible of exactly what would happen, not the 20% accuracy rate of the ultra vague prophecies of Nostradamus.  He loves us so much He already paid the price for us.

Lift up your heads, “your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).  Accept Yeshua Jesus as your savior right now before you’re out of time.

Repent (that means “turning around” from your path without Him); submit to Him; receive His indescribable love; ask Him to come in to your heart and to take control of your life…and you will never be the same.  A supernatural event takes place.

” If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”
-Romans 10:9





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