The stats are in: the top posts for Shofar Blast in 2015

69 countries and nearly two-thousand views in just three months!  A New Years thank you to our readers.


12/30/15 – It’s been a great ride getting this site up thinking it was only for my Bible study group of about 20.  I had no idea that it would grow to reach 69 countries and that it would do so in such a short time with no advertising other than word of mouth and readers sharing the site with others.

I am thankful for the freedom of the internet, though I don’t know how long we will have internet freedom.  But G_d has chosen to use me through this media to inform and reach people.

I continue to have a strong commitment to truth and to staying firmly planted on G_d’s word.  I won’t waste your time; I know you don’t have time to waste.

And I know you need a place you can rely on for solid information and not hype and fear mongering.

I will continue to do my very best to post the stories you need to be aware of in these end times, and to vet questionable stories so you can know what’s true in the midst of so much deception and propaganda.

Thank you, readers!

Though the subject matter is serious and the stories often disturbing or scary, if you will stay with me throughout 2016 you have my commitment to do no less than my best to inform, encourage, and inspire you to be prepared for the difficulties coming and to know Yeshua better every day.

Here are the top posts of the year on Shofar Blast:

10. Video: The change I want to see must first begin in me
9. Putin sending 150,000 troops to Turkey
8. Mob to ISIS: NY is off limits
7. Pepsi releases new film: ‘Black Knight Decoded’; alien agenda, NWO symbolism
6. Erdogan threatens Putin: We will still fly into Syria
5. IMF officially greenlights the acceptance of China’s currency behind chaos of Paris attacks
4. Turkey won’t let Russia into Bosphorus; Turkish sub confronts Russian Ship!
3. Is ISIS oil machine aided by the West?
2. BREAKING: Russia deploys new ‘Doomsday’ plane in readiness for nuclear war
1. BREAKING: “Islam infiltrating Native reservation lands…that have uranium mines!” – Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn RiverWind

Now a new year begins.  Say a special prayer for the U.S. to repent and for great revival to sweep the globe and for protection of all the Christians here and abroad who are undergoing various types and levels of persecution.

L_rd forgive us for our priorities being so out of whack that we complain about a stop light taking too long while our brothers and sisters are being tortured for your name.  Fill us with your spirit.  Guide every decision.  Protect us from the forces of evil that seem to be increasing every day.  Have Your way in us, that your Name may be glorified and that the world my know of the sacrifice you made for each one of us!

Happy New Year everyone!


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