Freakish weather slamming the globe

Wildfires and tornadoes in December?  Two more major disasters hit the U.S.


12/28/15 – Wild weather continues to attack the earth and this month was a particularly potent example: historic flooding in the U.K. and in South America, tornadoes, fires, and blizzards across the U.S.

Widespread floods have forced nearly 140,000 people from their homes in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil following days of torrential rains that drenched a region where the countries border each other.

floods-South America_Dec 2015

Does this sound normal to you?

We are experiencing unprecedented disaster events, around the globe, all in a narrow window of time…all just after the Shemitah.

The Shemitah was like a door we walked through, the beginning of a time of judgement.  We must repent and turn to G_d.  The earth seems to be throwing up, heaving with disgust at the evil.

HT_ventura_fire_15 12 26_12x5_1600

Please keep all of these nations and the scores of people suffering these events in your prayers.  And, repent yourself to stay clean before G_d.

Time is short, my friends.

But know that no matter where in the world you are or what you’re going through, you are being prayed for today.

Shalom.New Mexico blizzard dec 2015



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