Did Pope say this is the last Christmas for humanity?

The claim states, “In a grim speech, the Pope said that the current chaotic state of the world marks the beginning of the “end times”

Pope Francis_Dec 2015

12/28/15 – I heard that the Pope had made these statements and rushed to vet the info.  My readers and my study group know that I do not waste anyone’s time with unverified rumors, so I needed to find the source of the story.

Several hours later I could not find any site I trust with the article.  I only found the story on a few sites that aren’t as scrupulous as they should be all copying each other and referring to the same few sites.

The article was duplicated word for word on these websites, numbering about four or five, but I could not verify that it actually happened.  I searched for transcripts and documents, checked the Vatican’s site as well as many trustworthy underground sites all to no avail.

Pope Francis has indeed made a number of statements that are very interesting prophetically, including some that suggest he believes he is the last pope as recorded in the Malachy Prophecy, and openly pushing for a one world religion and one world government, in addition to the Vatican’s aggressive work regarding extraterrestrials.  He is an important figure as we watch these end times signs.

But, as for saying, “this is the last Christmas for humanity,” I have not been able to substantiate that statement.

If I am able to find verification I will post another article with the necessary references.

For now, we must list this as unverified.


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