The Paris Agreement: Blueprint to redesign the world order

Lord Christopher Monckton and Mark Morano break down the real meaning of the Paris Agreement

Lord Christopher Monckton_Mark Morano

The Paris Agreement is really a blueprint to redesign the World Order and implement Agenda 2030.

Lord Monckton, while in Paris, was not in the meetings as he was banned for life from all UN conferences as a result of his 40 second speech in 2012 at the UN Conference in Doha, Qatar.  Mark Morano was in attendance. Monckton told the 2012 conference: “In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming at all. If we were to take action, the cost of that would be many times greater than the cost of taking adaptation measures later. So my recommendation is that we should initiate a review of the science to make sure we are all on the right track.”

For that he was surrounded by armed guards and quickly escorted out of the building and told he must be out of the country in under three hours or he would be imprisoned.

“Freedom of speech doesn’t exist on this topic,” he said, in order to destroy freedom and to create fascism.  Many critics are now calling it “neocolonialism”.

Lord Monckton felt the French government did the right thing to restrict protests because so many of the Green groups get violent.

Regarding the pushing of wind mills, he provided some disappointing facts:

  • All the rare birds are disappearing from Scotland.   They will be gone in a decade from Scotland as a result of windmills.
  • Windmills currently occupy 2/3 of Scotland’s land mass.
  • Neodymium needed for their meters comes from China where dozens of square miles have been laid waste because of the process that leeches the metal from the ore.
  • Solar panels fry passing birds.
  • They take up large acreage that could be used for other things such as growing food.
  • Making and erecting of solar panels emits sulfur hexafluoride, which has a green house gas potential 23,000 times bigger than CO2.  (See this link for more, “According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, SF6 is the most potent greenhouse gas that it has evaluated, with a global warming potential of 23,900[20] times that of CO2 )
  • Now for the first time, we are able to detect quantities  of sulfur hexafluoride in the atmosphere from all the solar panels.

He made a strong statement about the pushers of the movement.

“A lot of these Green groups are committing open and outright fraud by pretending global warming would be a catastrophe when in fact they know perfectly well it’s hardly going to happen.

“We should use existing laws to put one or two of these people in jail for the lies they tell, for fooling young people to give them money.”

He continued, “Once we put a couple of them in prison, the rest will snivel and run for cover pretty quickly.  And that will be the end of the climate scare.  In a couple of well-targeted fraud prosecutions, a couple of these evil billionaires who are taking money by peddling this nonsense.  We put them behind bars, that will pretty soon bring the whole thing to an end.”

Mark Morano then recounted what he’s learned about the movement.

While at the Durbin conference he said he spoke to a South African development activist who said the money is going to go to world leaders who keep their citizens in poverty.  “If you’re able to keep your country in poverty, the least developed, then we will give you more aide and you’ll be rewarded for your effort.”

His next comment was particularly disturbing, “In the developed world we have activists at these U.N. Conferences advocating for “planned recessions” for Europe and the United States, calling for “de-growth strategies” for our economies.  And the only reason the developing world would sign on to this is because they’re getting paid off!”

This video shows Al Gore telling conference attendees in 2008 that the polar ice cap will be completely gone during some summer months in the next 5-7 years.


Here’s a chart of ice depth to 2012 which shows growth.  And the curve indicates that we should be near or at the 2004 levels:

icecover_current 2012


There was a time I believed the climate change crisis propaganda.  That was ten years ago.

When you finally see how they’ve manipulated and lied their way to more power and control it’s disturbing enough.

But their agenda is not to make a few thousand dollars scamming a neighborhood.  They are working with an agenda that is removing national borders, dissolving individual freedom, and creating a New World Order.

And the new order their creating isn’t pleasant for anyone not in their Uber Elite class…and there are only two classes in their system: the Uber Elite and the servants.