Video: Investigation exposes Jeb Bush Nazi treasure holdings

How Jeb’s grandfather Prescott Bush helped the Nazis rise to power

Former President Bush, President Bush and Governor Bush depart the christening ceremony of the USS George H.W. Bush in Virginia

Alex Jones provides an in-depth look at Prescott Bush, who started off as a tire salesman before becoming one of the biggest Nazi collaborators in US history. His son and grandsons have carried the mantle and “are determined to turn this country from a republic to fascist dictatorship.”

The Bush’s are also connected to the infamous Project Paperclip, which brought hundreds of Nazis to the U.S. at the end of WWII.

This new video report which includes an interview with award-winning investigative journalist John Buchanan, documents the connections with extensive sources from the Library of Congress revealing the depth of ongoing commitment to their agenda even after receiving cease and desist orders.

It also reveals their involvement in a plot to overthrow the U.S. government that was foiled by a general.

As Jeb campaigns for the office of President the shocking facts of this history reveal a current, disturbing, ongoing story that is a very real danger to the foundational principles of the U.S.





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