New part of NATO air defense system goes online in Romania

All the major components of the missile defense system, including the missiles, are in place, and have been handed over to military commanders,” – unnamed Pentagon official

New NATO air defense base in Romania

The new Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system at Romania’s Deveselu airbase is to come online Friday, as the US Navy takes control of the site after years of construction.

Washington and Bucharest are expected to announce the pre-operational phase of the first ground-based Aegis Ashore anti-missile site at Deveselu airbase at an official ceremony Friday, according to Navy Times.

Washington insists the European missile defense shield aims at safeguarding the continent from possible missile strikes by North Korea and Iran, emphasizing both countries have nuclear and strategic arms programs.

Moscow has repeatedly denounced those claims, pointing out that neither North Korean or Iranian missiles are able to reach Europe, while the US and NATO provided no written assurances the European missile defense is not aimed at Russia.