More freakish, white, spider-web like fibers fall from Arizona & Texas skies

White fibers are falling from planes overhead; MSM “experts” dismiss it as airborne “cow bandages.”  Once you stop laughing at that, read on.

White Fibers from Chemtrails_11 7 15_670x38812/18/2015 – That’s a whole lotta really big spiders in this picture, which is one of the nonsensical excuses the mainstream media experts gave for the still unexplained fibers: baby spiders leaving the nest. The other mainstream media excuse is equally preposterous: flying gauze from cow bandages.

Really??? That’s what you got? And they have the nerve to laugh at the alternative media investigating and reporting on the issue?

Don’t fall for that intimidation tactic; That is a sure sign of collusion.  (i.e.,”You’re an idiot for looking at that, so don’t look at that, look over here.”)

These bizarre fibers have been tested and found to contain strontium, barium and aluminum in high levels. They were also found to contain E-coli. Yes, you read that right, E-coli.

White Fiber close up_2014-12-05-300x221
Microscopic View

I don’t think the spiders created that. Not even a monstrous, prehistoric spider.

I’m pretty sure gauze cow bandages aren’t flying around en masse either.

So what are we dealing with here?

The answer is terribly disturbing.

In two outstanding interviews on TruNews last week (links to the interviews are listed below), Dane Wigington, founder of, broke down the latest research on the geoengineering front, including a new 750 page government document he recently received.

For those that don’t know, geoengineering is “the artificial modification of Earths climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).” It includes chemtrails, which has come to be a catch-all term for the public in response to changing methods and formulas, meaning any substance that is intentionally sprayed from a military or contracted craft for nefarious research or manipulation of climate or lifeforms.

Dane_Wigington_TRUNEWS_11 5 15 croppedReferring to the recently acquired document he said, “It is a congressional report from 1978 outlining the scope and scale of these programs of multiple countries involved, declaring that all those involved in the programs had to have complete immunity from liability, that even countries that would normally be adversarial would cooperate with these programs. It listed ten federal agencies involved; 20 universities. It’s a very long document. We have another one about the same length that we’re going to post soon.”

An important note here, is that though this document is from 1978, it refers to programs, “that had already been going on for three decades prior,” according to Wigington. That puts the timeline in the mid 40s.

For those readers who have staunchly refused to believe that these types of programs exist, you can visit the Documents page at and peruse the impressive list of documents from various governmental branches.

Warning: You’ll then have to ask yourself, why did you refuse to believe what was right in front of your eyes?

When I have been asked about this issue the first thing people say is, “Oh, that’s just a contrail; right?”

First, obviously, if these people had a clue to what contrails really are they wouldn’t say something like that. Contrails are vapor. I have to gently point out that we learn what a vapor is in elementary school science class. One of the defining characteristics of a vapor is that it isn’t visible for long. As with steam, it is visible for a short time only. A vapor does not hang in the air for hours in full sunlight and grow larger! Even if it has some ice crystals in it, ice (a substance with mass and weight and subject to the laws of gravity) does not hang in the air, defying gravity, in full sunlight (not melting!) for eight hours!

If you were boiling some water to make tea and the steam froze in its position in the air above your kettle and just stayed their for hours and expanded to consume the entire airspace of your kitchen, would you think that is the normal behavior of a “vapor”???

Every person who refuses to accept this is a valuable loss in our efforts to stop this madness! We all have to stand together if we are to have any hope of defeating this dark agenda, that Wigington reveals seeks to reduce population among other dastardly goals.

And now it’s not just dusty substances they are spraying from these planes; now we’re seeing massive white fibers.

In November of 2014, fibers were found in the area near Prescott, Arizona, and again this past October just about a year later, the fibers were again released over Arizona.

Watch this video interview with the woman who found and saved the fibers, then had them tested in a lab…from both occurrences:

If we didn’t have the scientific reports from the studies from reputable labs, it would be just too difficult to believe. But the studies found Barium, Aluminum and Strontium, all hallmarks of these areal spraying mixtures. The copies of the test results are below:

White Fiber lab results-2014-12-05


White Fiber lab results pg2-2014-12-05

Let me get you to the other side without getting lost in the weeds here.

The point to me is much greater than two incidents of a plane spraying toxic chemicals, that the government knows cause illness and disease, over the human population: It’s that they do it all the time…WITH this knowledge. And, they’ve been doing it at least since the 40s.

With that expense and consistent effort there is a goal they have in mind.

This is an excellent video of Dr. Rosalind Peterson, the California President and Co-Founder of Agriculture Defense Coalition addressing the United Nations on this issue:

If you would like more information on this terribly important issue, please visit for way more information than you can handle, enough to blow the fog from your eyes and inspire you to participate in the watching of these activities.

I also strongly suggest you watch the documentary, What in the World are They Spraying.  You can watch it for free here.

The follow-up documentary, Why in the World are They Spraying, is also highly recommended.  View that here.

This article, Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity and Earth’s Biota by Clandestine Geoengineering, is an excellent straight-forward summary of the findings by Marvin Herndon, Ph.d.

I suggest that you do as I do: Pray daily for your physical protection against these harmful substances and over your DNA. Only God has the right to your DNA and not any corrupt government or organization.

II Tim. 1:7  “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.



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