U.S. DoD Strategist – There will be a significant, violent confrontation with Islam in the U.S.

Islam’s stated objective: “Zero Hour” launch of jihad in the U.S.

John Guandolo

“The fact that law enforcement officers and immigration officials are directed NOT to look at Social Media when they know that Social Media is where jihadi’s are doing most of their communicating, to me, is an intentional and overt way to give a pass (to them),” he stated in the opening of the interview.

In a sobering interview on TruNews Tuesday, former FBI Islamic Counter Terrorism Expert, John Guandolo, laid out the current level of Islamic infiltration of the U.S. government.

“I mean, Jeh Johnson himself, his family ties.  Look at Valerie Jarrett, her family ties.  You look at the people who are in power now.  Even Rahm Emmanuel.  And you look at who their parents were.  These are children of Communists, enemies of the United States, and now they occupy positions of leadership within our government.”

“In many cases, they’re (the main stream media) intentionally lying,” he said regarding media manipulation.

The disconcerting state we’re in here in the U.S. was highlighted when he replied to the question of where this is headed.

“I think the tipping point has come and gone.  I believe we have passed the point where this can be fixed through legal means, social means, and other things.  I think there will be a significant violent confrontation.”

That statement troubled the radio host, Rick Wiles, and the story doesn’t get easier to hear.

“Because the federal government has demonstrated they’re not only not going to deal with the problem, the are preventing State governments from dealing with the problem.  So, I think you’re going to have several layers to this conflict.  And part of it will be states being in legal conflicts, as they already are, with the federal government.  But the more the federal government sticks its hand in to try to prevent states and communities from protecting their citizens…I don’t know where that will lead.”

“But I do know this,” he continued, “there are literally thousands and thousands of Islamic organizations in this country that we can identify through evidence and with facts, that they are part of a global Islamic movement, the jihadi movement.  And because of the fact of where they are in the community, and how many  people there are, and their stated objectives which we have, to wage jihad in the United States, and when “Zero Hour”, their term, comes, they’ll launch the jihad.”

He described how unprepared law enforcement is due to cancelled training programs that used to be provided by the federal government, and the officers he meets in his training program,  “…when zero percent of them are aware of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network in their own communities and how they operate, I mean, that to me, is just damning evidence that we are in dire straights.”

When asked how badly the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the U.S. Government, his response was immediate.

“There are several pieces to that.  But the two I’ll address right now are, number one, in the case of Mr. Holder, you have somebody who is a part of the progressive movement.  Somebody who I think is clearly in violation of his oath when he was in, and I think should be charged with treason.

“Here’s a guy who shut down any further prosecution of the hundreds of unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorism financing and Hamaas trial in American history.  That’s the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas in 2008.

“Hundreds of unindicted co-conspirators.  the FBI and the DOJ were ready to go forward with indictments of the founding chairman of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and roll that into an indictment of that organization.  And he shut that down.  And since then, none of the other targets of the investigation, The Islamic Society of North America, which is a Hamaas funding entity and the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States, who’s outgoing president sits on the Homeland Security Advisory Committee with a secret clearance and briefs at the CIA and FBI.

“So you wanna talk about penetration.  I think you’ve got two pieces here.  One is socialist progressive agenda that believes its working in concert with the Islamic movement.  And then you’ve got the reality of where the Islamic movement has actually penetrated our government.  All of the advisers to senior leaders in the United States we can affiliate with the Muslim Brotherhood movement.  All of them.  We can go by name.  We can pick a department, DHS, the Pentagon…and that’s the problem.  When a leader looks to his left or right and needs advice on Islam he’s talking to one of our enemies in a suit who smiles and says, hello, we love ya, everything’s great.”

His view of the future doesn’t provide comfort but does put the truth on the table.

“If we get through this, years down the road, I think people will look back at this and be amazed that the American people kind of sat on their hands while their government just openly protected and defended our enemies and helped them advance here in the United States.”





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