Video: Russia puts the evidence on the table; satellite photos

Wednesday the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces presented evidence demonstrating Turkish involvement in funding IS

Lt General Sergey Rudskoy_evidence briefing against Turky Isis oil

According to Rudskoy, Russia has identified “three main oil transportation routes from ISIS-controlled Syrian and Iraqi territories into Turkey.”

“The western route leads to the Mediterranean ports, the northern route leads to the Batman oil refinery on the Turkish territory and the eastern one leads to a large transfer base in Cizre [Turkey].”

The documents published by the ministry show “the entire chain of oil supply into Turkey – from extraction to refining facilities.”

“In total, in their illegal oil smuggling business, terrorists are using at least 8,500 trucks to transport up to 200,000 barrels of oil every day.”

“Hard not to notice them (the big trucks). The hits made by the coalition, led by the United States of America do not take place.”

Watch the General’s presentation:




Does this mean Erdogan is resigning as he said he would yesterday?  No word of that yet.

This is putting in the face of the White House that they have been aiding ISIS and Turkey in the oil transport in some way.

Yet, immediately the Pentagon publicly rejected the evidence put forth by the Russians.



Report and Video of the general’s presentation:

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