Free Speech?? France’s top weatherman fired for questioning global warming; hired by Kremlin

Philippe Verdier was fired for questioning global warming in his book and France puts global warming protesters under house-arrest


Verdier was the head the France 2 channel’s weather service before he published a book called “Climate Investigation” that voiced his own views on climate change and questioned the global warming narrative being pushed by environmentalists and politicians.

 “In 2007, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Al Gore and the IPCC climate change experts,” Verdier said. “They told us ‘if we don’t deal with climate change, there will be more risks to have wars.’ But for 20 years, we are experiencing the warmest years and we have a parallel decline in wars and declining numbers of victims from conflicts.”
RT News published this story:
Well-known French meteorologist Philippe Verdier was fired from a national TV channel after publishing a book challenging the mainstream narrative on climate change. He is now able to do just that on RT France, covering the UN climate summit in Paris.
Verdier has thanked RT for the opportunity, saying that the Russian channel has enabled him to exercise his freedom of speech.
“Thanks to RT in Paris I can do my job of journalist and have the freedom of speech, and I can cover as I want, the COP21 [Conference of the Parties to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change], Verdier told RT.There seems to be a lot of free-speech infringement lately.

Again in France, ahead of the climate change summit, the government used emergency laws to keep protesters under house-arrest.

And, Marie Le Pen, a presidential candidate in France, was just convicted and sentenced to years in prison for saying that it was not just terrorism that was plaguing Europe, but radical Islam.  She was convicted of hate-speech.

If that doesn’t give you pause, it should.  This has been happening all across Europe this year, in Spain, in Germany…and the unsettling connection to major historical events should make you even more nervous.

Free-speech is shut down just ahead of takeover.  It was one of the tactics used by Hitler.

There has been a growing move to silence those, in any number of countries, who disagree with the global warming agenda which is connected to Agenda 21.

We need to watch this very carefully.  It is not only something we must protect, but it can be an indicator of ever darker agendas in the governments.



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