Canada warns Russia it won’t rejoin G7 with Putin in power

“I don’t think Russia under Vladimir Putin belongs in the G7. Period,” Canadian PM Stephen Harper

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“Canada would very, very strongly oppose Putin ever sitting around that table again. It would require consensus to bring Russia back and that consensus will just not happen.”

Canadian PM Stephen Harper made the statement in an exclusive interview with AP ahead of his trip to Ukraine and the G7 meeting in Bavaria this week.

“Russia is more often than not trying deliberately to be a strategic rival, to deliberately counter the good things we’re trying to achieve in the world than for no other reason than to just counter them,” Harper said, adding that the “mindset of the guy we are dealing with is that the Cold War has never ended and, `I’ve got to fight to change the ending somehow.'”

“I don’t think there is any way under this leader Russia will ever change,” Harper said.