Erdogan threatens Putin: We will still fly into Syria

Erdogan says he will start war if Russia takes down a Turkish plane flying in Syrian airspace

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As Putin takes measures to enact economic sanctions against Turkey and has already increased his military presence in the region in a big way in response to Turkey shooting down the Russian bomber last week, Erdogan, in what can only be described as maniacal behavior, continues to refuse to apologize for the disproportionate response and refuses to stop flying Turkish planes into Syria and bombing the Syrian military.

Russia has already said that they will shoot Turkey’s planes down.  Turkey thus far refuses to cease flying into Syria and accuses Russia of making an act of war.

Yesterday, Erdogan made a public statement warning Putin not to “play with fire” but then added that he did not want to harm relations with Moscow.  Here is his statement as reported by Reuters:

We sincerely recommend to Russia not to play with fire,” Erdogan told supporters during a speech in Bayburt, in northeast Turkey. “We really attach a lot of importance to our relations with Russia… We don’t want these relations to suffer harm in any way.”


According to an InfoWars investigation Turkey has been flying into Syrian territory for four years and bombing Syrian military and other targets.  But they have a problem with a Russian plane getting too close to their airspace and shoot it down?  And blow up a rescue helicopter that was over a mile into Syrian territory on the ground?  You can’t fly in our airspace but we will fly in yours?

Hmmmm, it’s difficult to see the logic or fair play in that statement.

Putin already issued his statement after the downing of the SU-24 that if there is any threat to his aircraft they will eliminate the threat and that the communication between military channels is officially cut off.

Erdogan actually said that he will start a war because of Russia’s deployment of the anti aircraft system in Syria, specifically if Russia takes down a Turkish plane flying in Syrian airspace.

Is this Erdogan’s way of backing off?  Doesn’t look like it.

Yesterday, Russia accused Turkey of planning an ambush on the Russian plane.

On Thursday, a former U.S. Lt. General, Tom McInerney, announced on Fox News that in his opinion Turkey’s action “had to be pre-planned.”

Thursday, Putin claimed the U.S. knew the flight path of the fighter jet and may have passed that information to Turkey, suggesting the U.S. set up Russia.

Maybe that’s why he made the curious statement of being “stabbed in the back” by “terrorism accomplices“.

The fire is getting hotter.

Mr. Erdogan, Putin is not playing with you.  I suggest you rethink your position.

A whole lot of high level military people are worried this could erupt into a world war.  Ex-CIA op Bob Baer says, “expect Putin to respond,” and further claims the Middle East is out of control.

We are truly in unprecedented times.  That phrase is being used a lot these days, but it is true.

We wait; we watch; most importantly we pray.





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