Video: Adonai, give us Your heart for the nations!

Fill us up and send us out to the wounded and the broken

Crimea blackout_moscow times Nov 2015

As we watch all that is unfolding in the Middle East and the persistently dangerous stand-off in Ukraine and Crimea, this video helps us in personal prayer and worship time to intercede for the nations and the leaders, for the people suffering without heat and a lack of food, and those suffering persecution.

“L_ord, minister to the heart of every person feeling trapped.  Shine Your light into the darkness that surrounds them.  Provide the food they need.  Surround them with the protection of your mighty hands to hide them from the armies who seek to capture and harm them.  Speak to them in Iran and Iraq and Syria with the dreams and visions from your Holy Spirit.  Wake up the sleeping church in the US.  We pray for a move of your Holy Spirit, an outpouring across the globe, that not one would be lost in these last days.  Give us Your heart, that we may love what You love.  Amen.”


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