More bizarre earth changes: A mysteriously buckling road in California is still rising — and geologists have no idea why

A road in California rose up 15 feet off the ground and crumbled in “3.5 hours”

Santa Clarita CA-road_Nov 2015

11/27/15 – A 60-meter stretch of road in Santa Clarita, California, rose up off the ground and crumbled in the space of about 3.5 hours on Thursday 10 November, with further buckling reported over the next few days.

Some parts of the road are now completely cracked and unusable, while others have risen more than 4.5 meters (15 feet) above the ground, but no one’s quite sure what caused such a sudden and dramatic shift.

University of California, Los Angeles geologist Jeremy Boyce took the opportunity to get his students out on the field to see a rare example of how geological events can happen surprisingly quickly — turns out Earth’s bits and pieces don’t always move at a glacial pace.

Boyce explained, “When we think about geology, we think about processes that happen over millions and billions of years, so the opportunity to bring students out and see something happening over a scale of hours gives them the idea that not only does geology take forever, it can also happen almost instantaneously.”

It’s also interesting that just a few weeks prior, a massive crack the size of six football fields opened up in the Wyoming ground.

The massive crack, nicknamed “The Gash,” that appeared on a ranch in the southern foothills of the Bighorn Mountains is generating a lot of buzz on social media.

the_gash_Wyoming_Oct 2015
“The Gash,” Wyoming

The crack is about 50 yards wide and 750 yards long, or about the length of six football fields, according to SNS Outfitters & Guides, who first spotted it in early October and posted in on their website.

There have been a slew of bizarre earth changes lately and these are just two recent examples.

Just this year, a massive 66 foot-wide sink hole causes evacuations in London.  Another massive sinkhole appears in New Jersey…and in suburban D.C.; in Texas, Mississippi, China, Australia, India, Turkey, Russia…the list is quite long.

These examples are interesting in another way as well: intelligent design theorists have been saying for decades that major geologic changes can and do happen very quickly.  And here are current displays of this documented process, of which the Mt. St. Helen’s eruption is another powerful example.

As Mr. Boyce said, “it (geological processes that are usually assumed to require millennia) can also happen almost instantaneously.”  We can clearly see in nature and using reason that this is true.