Russia, Turkey, the US and…Crimea? Are they connected?

A Russian warplane, US missiles, Turkish militia, a  Russian pilot shot in cold blood; how does this connect to Crimea?  Maybe the timeline is revealing.

Russia's Defence Ministry handout photo shows pilots of Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter jet preparing before flight at Hmeymim air base near Latakia in Syria

November 25, 2015 – The disturbing events of the past week are not going to provide any comfort as we look a bit more closely.  Might these events be connected?  It seems they may.

  • Turkey shot down a Russian warplane SU24 claiming it was in their airspace. Russia denies that claim.  The plane was shot down by American F16s.  Turkey claims it warned the Russian pilot ten times before pulling the trigger and claimed the plane crossed over into Turkish airspace.  Research reveals that is probably not true, but if the plane did cross the line, it could not have been for more than three seconds.
  • The plane went down in Syria, in the Vatika province.
  • Two Russian pilots ejected from the burning plane, drifting down by parachute.
  • Turkish forces shot the pilots dead as they were suspended by their parachutes, and claimed they were dead in the air.
  • Turkish militia men operating in Syria killed the pilots.  But if that is the case, then how could the plane have been in Turkish airspace if the militia was in Syria?
  • The US trained Free Syrian Army jihadists fired a US-made TOW missile destroying the Russian rescue helicopter that was searching for the pilots.  They fired on the chopper while it was on the ground.  One Russian member was killed but other crew members escaped the craft.  Where did they get the TOW missile from?
  • The Free Syrian Army was put together by President Obama and Senator John McCain.


“If this was the other way around, and this was an American warplane shot down, and then American pilots shot in the air on parachutes, and then an American military rescue helicopter blown up looking for the pilots,” Rick Wiles said on his Monday TruNews broadcast, “people would be furious in this country!  And what would Americans be demanding?  War!  And everybody would be talking about the United States has got to respond and there has to be retribution.  So, shouldn’t we assume this is what’s being heard in Russia today?”

  • Turkey called for an extraordinary emergency meeting with NATO invoking Article IV of the NATO treaty, which has only been invoked a few times since World War II.  The treaty says all NATO nations must come to the defense of any NATO member that is threatened or attacked, which means the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, the entire NATO membership are legally bound to go to war against Russia if Russia attack Turkey in retribution.
  • This is the first time a Russian warplane has been downed by a NATO country since the Cold War.
  • They are using this as an opportunity to start a unified war against Russia using Article IV of NATO.
  • Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister accused the Turks of a planned provocation.
  • The incident has provoked fury in Russia, where a mob smashed windows at the Turkish embassy on Wednesday afternoon and MPs have demanded retaliation. Police cleared the street shortly after the protest began.
  • Putin’s response?  Mr. Putin deployed S-400 missiles to the Russian air base in Latakia, one of several counter measures including sending the cruiser Moskva, armed with antiaircraft defenses to the Latakia area near Russia’s sole Mediterranean base at Tartus  Putin said, “Today’s loss is linked with a stab in our back delivered by terrorism accomplices. I can’t characterize otherwise what has happened today.” Who are the accomplices (aiding ISIS) in his statement?  It seems it could be meant for the US.
  • Russia had been taking out the oil tankers thus hitting ISIS…and the Turkish royal family in the money belt.  Was this retaliation?  After all, the Turkish Prime Minister’s son Bilal owns the company, BMZ, that is providing the transport for all that ISIS oil.  Russians are blowing up all the oil tankers and then a Russian plane is hit with a missile?  Coincidence?  Not very likely, in my humble opinion.
  • In the wider war of words with the West, Mr Lavrov repeated suggestions that Turkey was allowing a trade in oil with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) to continue, suggesting the shooting down of the jet was in response to Russian attacks on Isil oil installations.
  • Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the U.S. military in Baghdad, told reporters at the Pentagon Tuesday that the U.S. military was “able to hear everything that was going on.
  • Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi outlined three points in response to the attack on the plane, “First, all actions of strike aircraft will be carried out only under cover of fighter planes.  Second, measures will be taken to strengthen defense  To this end, the  cruiser Moskva equipped with anti air defense system similar to the S300 will soon position in the coastal region of Latakia.  We caution that any target that represents a potential danger for us will be destroyed.  Third, contacts with Turkey on military lines will be discontinued.”

It doesn’t sound good.  It sounds like they’re getting ready to pound Turkey.  But, what about Article IV?  Putin said he was not pleased that Turkey immediately contacted NATO instead of contacting Russia.  Is that something he hadn’t counted on?  Is that a deterrent to him taking more swift action?

  • Crimea – Over a year ago, Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia amid much controversy.  This past weekend someone blew up the towers connected to the nuclear power plant in Crimea.  Crimea doesn’t have their own power plant, they get all of their power from a plant in the Ukraine.  The power plant is in danger, and two million people are now without power in a region where the average temperature is 10 degrees.  Publicly we are not yet sure who blew it up.
  • Crimea is an important city to Russia.  It is the city through which Christianity came to Russia.  And, the Russian leader centuries ago that led the Christianization of Russia through Crimea was Vladamir the Great.
  • As soon as the power was lost to Crimea, the Prime Minister of Ukraine announced an embargo shutting off all food and supplies to Crimea.

Who blew up the towers connected to the power plant?  Is this political sabotage?  Is there an effort to goad Putin into reacting?  It sure seems so.  If Putin takes his tanks to go into Ukraine to restore the power and stop the embargo to rescue two million people, it will immediately be announced that he is invading Ukraine.

The situation is very tenuous.  But we can only wait to see what Putin does.  He is a cold, calculating, former KGB operative.

Is Putin the only major nation that would stand against the no-borders plans of the NWO?  Is this a scheme to get Russia in a no-win situation?

Rick Wiles of TruNews speculated, “Maybe he’s going to demonstrate Russia’s cyberwarfare capabilities.  Maybe the electricity is going to go out in NYC or in Washington, D.C….I don’t know what he’s going to do, but he’s going to find a way to respond.”

Rick continued with a warning to the U.S., “I’m telling you, if we the American people do not stand up very quickly and gain control of this country all of us are going to suffer devastation beyond anything we can comprehend.”

In response to what Christians should be doing, he said, “We ought to be filling the churches up every night with prayer meetings saying, ‘Oh, God, have mercy on us.  Don’t let us be destroyed because of the wickedness of our rulers.  Don’t let mad-men plunge the world into world war.’  Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy.  The only thing Satan wants to do are those things.  And Satan is working in and through these men in power to bring about tremendous bloodshed and destruction – just for the fun of it.  And we’ve got to bind him.  Stop buying the propaganda!  Use your brain; read, pray, study!  Stop getting your news and information and world view from Fox News and CNN!  Wake up and realize what is happening!  That the United States of America has been funding the most bloody, violent terrorist group in centuries, that has waged war against the Christian Church of the Middle East.  And, we are now so arrogant to think that we’re going to provoke Russia into a world war and we’re going to win?  God have mercy on us!”

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Men in power have shed the blood of their citizens for centuries in the name of more power.  The U.S. is not the first country to do so, and it is not the only country doing so now.  We cannot be naive as we view our own sins here in the U.S. that other countries are not playing their own games with human life.  But, we must take responsibility for our own sins, we must repent with a sincere heart for the part we’ve played in this scenario, and pray earnestly for our country, and for all of the countries and their leaders. We must pray especially for the Christians throughout the Middle East and the world who are being persecuted every day.  We are at a very dangerous time in human history.

If we are pulled back from this brink on which we are teetering of an unimaginable war it will only be because God in His mercy intervened to stay the hands of the powers that want to shed even more blood for their own agendas.

This is so obviously a set up for a New World Order.  We know what they want; order out of chaos.  And, led and used by the prince of darkness they are creating the chaos from a very high level.  They want to dissolve all borders and put us under their global military and government forces.  These minions with trillions want us to live without air conditioning in desert climates while they recline in luxury in their compounds and personal jets.

We have viewers from all around the world on this site: 42 countries and counting.  I pray for you all daily.  And I ask for all of you to pray as well.  And, if you don’t yet know Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah, please stop right now and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  If you pray with sincerity, that is a prayer He will always answer.  We are running out of time, my friends.






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