Russian ground troops now in Syria; unprecedented action

Kuwaiti Report: Russian forces have taken over multiple strategic positions and forced retreat in some areas


Jerusalem Post Nov 24, 2015 – In an unprecedented move, Russia has sent ground-troops into the Syrian battlefield in support of Bashar Assad as the dictator struggles to maintain his power in the continuous four-year-long civil war, according to a report by Kuwaiti daily, al-Rai.

The report, which has not  been substantiated by other sources, claims Russian military forces have been providing cover for T-90 tanks along with military air support which have attacked multiple strategic targets held by rebel forces in Idlib and Latakia.

TruNews reports that in addition to the new troop movements, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkova reported to TASS that a major oil depot 15 kilometers southwest of the city of Raqqa, an oil refinery 50 kilometers south of Raqqa and an oil tank farm in the Al-Mahimira desert, 50 kilometers north of Deir ez-Zor have been destroyed by Russian Sukhoi Su-34 bombers over the weekend.