Is ISIS oil machine aided by the West?

Connections lead to BMZ and Turkey’s Erdogan family.


Nov. 22, 2015 – ISIS is moving hundreds of millions of dollars of oil.  Reports have described how the oil funds ISIS operations.  They’ve taken the wells in northern Iraq and in Syria.  In September Reuters reported that they had seized the last major oilfield under Syrian government control.

Just Friday the NY Times reported how vital oil is to ISIS.  Author if the article, Tom Keatinge said, “By failing to destroy the only source of financing over which the international community has some control we have ensured ISIS’ endurance.”

How is all this oil being shipped?  How is it getting to market?

Friday, TruNews posted a report that revealed the oil is being transported into Turkey by a company called BMZ Group.  Yes, Turkey is bringing the oil in.  The article they posted stated, A spokesman for the Turkish CHP (Socialist party), Gürsel Tekin, also said on the website that ‘crude oil stolen by ISIS is now being exported by BMZ Ltd, in violation of resolution 2170 of the United Nations Security Council.’”

And, guess who owns BMZ?  None other than Bilal Erdogan, son of the former Prime Minister of Turkey, Tiyyip Erdogan.

And, don’t worry, Erdoğan’s other son, Burak Erdoğan, also owns a fleet of ships.

On September 15th, TodaysZaman reported that Bilal’s firm just bought two new tankers for a cool $36 million.  Hmmm, might that help with all that ISIS oil??

Turkey has been suffering some financial woes.  Bloomberg reported on Friday that they have a choice to make, saying the slump in crude is undermining the kingdom’s ability to sustain spending.

Is this their solution to help the country, or is this a more personal venture for the former royal family, I wonder?  After all, they can help their ISIS foes kill other factions of Muslims and slaughter Christians at the same time.  That would be a big bang for the buck, so to speak.

Russia just hit the oil infrastructure with the biggest bombing raid in decades.  Will that significantly impact their production?

Turkey may have played a part in 9/11 and here they are assisting ISIS.  They have their hands in some ugly pots.

But even worse news is that there is no way U.S. Intelligence doesn’t know this; and they must have known for some time.  The transport and sale of all that oil must have help from the West.

That means that the West is aiding and abetting ISIS in the slaughter of thousands of Christians.

As Rick Wiles put it in the  TruNews broadcast, “It is obvious that U.S. Intelligence agencies and NATO are assisting and facilitating ISIS in moving this oil that is resulting in the death of thousands of Christians in the Middle East.  And somebody in Washington, somebody in Europe knows what’s happening.  They know why it’s happening; they’re helping it.  And it is the greatest scandal of my lifetime, that something this diabolical has been allowed to happen.”

I have to agree.  This is just one of the many topics that leave the reader with only two choices: either all of these leaders in the West have gone clinically insane at the same time, or there is an agenda.

Order out of chaos.

This is the chaos out of which they plan to birth their New Order.  And it means that we are close, very close to that crescendo.