World leaders talk of uniting against terror; a global military force?

G20 Summit: World leaders pledge strong response to Paris attacks.  “We are face to face with the concept of collective terrorism,” Erdogan said

11 15 15_G20 Summit_Obama_David Cameron UK Prime MinisterWorld leaders gathered for the G20 Summit Sunday along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast promising a forceful international response to the terrorist attacks in Paris and hoping to edge closer to a political resolution to the civil war in neighboring Syria.

President Barack Obama vowed to “redouble” U.S.-led efforts to combat Islamic State, which carried out the Paris attacks, saying the militant group had launched an “attack on the civilized world.”

“We will redouble our efforts, working with other members of the coalition, to bring about a peaceful transition in Syria and to eliminate Daesh as a force that can create so much pain and suffering for people in Paris, Ankara and other parts of the globe,” Obama said, using an alternate name for Islamic State.

Interesting statement since the U.S. created ISIS and has worked to destabilize the Syrian region.

Leaders around the world are making statements about uniting against terror.  Israel Today reports, Israel Stands With France; Netanyahu Wants United War on Terror.

“It’s time that the world wake up and unite to beat terror,” said Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Today, we meet in the tragic shadow of dreadful acts of terrorism.  Combating it must be a major priority for G20,” Indian Prim Minister, Nerendra Modi said.

Might this be the impetus to a global military force?  Might this be the set up (order out of chaos) to eliminate borders and “unite”?  There could be a bit more terror, their piece-de-resistance, then the people would accept it.  Or, in the words of Kissinger in his address to the Bilderberg meeting in Evian, France, May 21, 1992, “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful!