Multiple Islamic Terror Attacks Across Paris; At Least 120 Dead; At Least Six Attacks

France declares state of emergency, closes borders after gunfire and explosions; hundreds injured.

gty_paris_attacks_06_jc_151113_33x16_992November 13, 2015 – French media is reporting that multiple terror attacks took place in Paris in at least six locations.  At least 120 are dead.  One location was a concert hall where an American band was performing.  The band, about half-way through the first set, heard gunfire and hit the deck of the stage then were able to get out of the location unharmed, according to the brother of one of the band members who spoke with George Stephanopoulos live on ABC News.  Hostages had been taken at the concert hall.  Three terrorists were killed at the various locations.  It is unclear at this time if any of the terrorists escaped.  According to Fox News, an arrested terror suspect in Paris declared he is from the Islamic State and reportedly from Syria.  Other reports state a gunman at the concert hall later stormed by police yelled, “This is for Syria!”  Some groups have taken responsibility via social media but the claims are under investigation.  Security has been heightened in D.C. and New York.  George Stephanopoulos reported that President Obama made a statement that he will help in any way he can, then George added, “This is going to be a worldwide effort,” referring to the investigation.