Turid meteor shower peaks Wednesday night, Nov. 11

You won’t see large numbers of fireballs in the sky like this for another ten years.

Taurus_Alnath wide field view chart With all the bizarre and quite literally insane behavior and activity in the world since the Shemitah, it’s just another slightly strange thing to add to the list happening all at the same time: the largest meteor shower in a decade.

The peak of the shower — when we can see the most meteors per hour — is expected to have between seven to 10 meteors per hour, and some of those are almost certain to be a fireballs. The best way to watch any meteor shower is to get far away from city lights and look up, no special equipment required.

MORE INFO: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fireballs-falling-earth-tonight-numbers-170200748.html