Must Hear Interview with former CIA Op Kevin Shipp: “Obama has been lying consistently”

“Though he’s said that he is a Christian, it is very clear that he is pro-Islam.”

Kevin_Shipp_CIA_TRUNEWSThis TruNews interview blows the doors off the secrecy and propaganda being fed to the American people.  Don’t miss this extremely important interview with Kevin Shipp, former CIA Op, Agent on Protective Detail of the Director and Deputy Director of the CIA, and of the President of Afghanistan, a manager of ongoing operations, an internal Security Officer, a Counterintelligence investigator tasked to ferret moles out of the CIA, a Counter Terrorism Center officer, a protective operations team leader, polygraph examiner and psychophysiology expert.

He has a new book, From the Company of Shadows, in which he reveals jaw-dropping deception and illegal activity, accounts of actual CIA internal and external operations, CIA counterintelligence, turmoil existing within the CIA, the culture of secrecy and its constitutional implications, actual case of CIA cover up, and veiled terrorist activity within the United States.

With Shipp’s experience as psychophysiology expert, which focuses on deception detection, host Rick Wiles asked if he has detected any deception in Obama. Shipp answered, “Yes.  In my view he has been lying pretty consistently.”

Regarding the quagmire in the Middle East, Shipp said, “This is a brewing mess,” and that there is no way to avoid conflict.

He’s been in the belly of the beast and knows a little sumthin’ about the internal goings-on of the government, and has at great risk chosen to expose the darkness with the light of truth.  This is a must hear interview!