“Islam infiltrating Native reservation lands…that have uranium mines!” – Chief Joseph RiverWind

U.S. Government’s purchase of guillotines TRUE as verified by the government’s own documents we have seen, say RiverWinds

Trojan-horse_460x27611/2/15 – In a must-hear, shocking interview this week, Chief Joseph and his wife Dr. Laralyn RiverWind revealed two bombshells: they are aware of a “huge move of Islam to seed people into Native reservation lands” that are near uranium mines, and that the rumors of the U.S. buying thousands of guillotines are TRUE.

In the October 29th interview on Spiritual Encounters, they described the process that Islamist’s are using to infiltrate Native communities.

Thinking they can find sympathetic ears and using offers of friendship and humanitarian aid including infrastructure improvements and scholarships, propaganda is spread by Islamist representatives regarding the rights to the territory of Israel.

The “infiltrators” use misinformation to present themselves as understanding the suffering of the First Nations peoples and “buying friendship wherever possible”.

“They come to them saying, ‘You understand how we feel, Palestine was taken away from us and given to the Jews,'”  Dr. Laralyn RiverWind explains. “But what they’re not saying is the ancient history, that, no, in fact, the giving of Israel to the Jewish people in 1948 was a restoration of land that had been taken from them.  So Native people are best compared to the plight of the Jewish people who’d had their land taken away and who had been led into captivity.”

“Unfortunately some Native people are falling for this propaganda.  This is an area of high risk for national security,” Dr. RiverWind said.  “It’s a Trojan Horse.”

She stated these representatives of Islam are also marrying and having children to infiltrate the communities.

According to the RiverWind’s information, 17 tribes have been specifically targeted in this effort that is coming from the Turkish government.

Making matters worse, Chief Joseph said that two House Resolutions were passed that allow the Turkish Government to “set up shop” on Indian lands, meaning the move is backed by government resolutions.

guillotines_759x600In another shocking revelation, the RiverWinds confirmed the rumor that the U.S. government purchased thousands of guillotines is true and they described how the information they saw changed their minds.

(If you’d like to read the June 2013 article, Why Does the Government Need Guillotines?, from Dave Hodges on the Common Sense Show site, you can view that here.)

“We actually read a news report years back that said that 30,000 guillotines had been purchased by the U.S. government and were being brought in by train cars to Georgia.  And at the time we thought, that sounds crazy,” Dr. RiverWind recalls.

They explained how as business owners they are signed up with the government directly to be eligible to create products for them.  And as part of that process, they are on a mailing list through which they receive bid solicitations.

Dr. Laralyn and Chief Joseph described the discovery, “And we know what they look like.  They come through a very specific server, you get an email about it, you have to register your EIN number…So, you know, the source is rock solid through the government.  So, when we did that, a bid solicitation came up for guillotine assembly.”

Dr. RiverWind continued, “The first one was for 15,000 guillotines to be assembled…in November of 2013, then last year in November of 2014 we got another bid solicitation for… the assembly of 8,000 guillotines.  I thought it was interesting that the first number was half of the number we had heard, 30,000, and then the second number was roughly half of the remaining.  So, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if next month we got another bid solicitation for 7,000 or so.  I know it’s difficult to take my word for this.  We want to get this out to the people.”

They also discussed the Native prophecies that specifically refer to the end times including a coming fire.

Dr. RiverWind revealed, “There are many Native prophecies that talk about end times.  We know that there’s something that is coming…it’s been foretold for centuries.”

The prophecies they described included, “maple trees dying form the tops down,” which is happening now, “Grandmother Spider weaving a web across the world,” which many believe is a clear reference to the world-wide web and modern power lines, and that “metal snakes would cover the land,” which is interpreted as railways across the globe.

Then, Chief Joseph spoke of a “great shaking that’s going to come and change the land the way that we see it,” and “…gourds of ashes falling from the sky, causing the waters of the rivers to boil and the land to be desolate. That sounds very much like a nuclear weapon.”

Chief Joseph concluded, “We see these things happening, we see Damascus in ruins (ShofarBlast, 10/27/15, Could This Be the Isaiah 17 Prophecy?) just like it says in Isaiah.  The old prophecies, the old Native stories talk about the world was once destroyed by water, but the next destruction, it’s going to be purified with fire.”

If you dismissed the thought of the purchase of 30,000 guillotines as “crazy” you now have to re-think your position.

Please share this article and this site to help shine a light through the fog that hangs so heavily around the heads of our neighbors.  If we are to have a country that resembles in any way the liberty and freedom our founders fought so hard to win from tyrannical leaders and nations, we must wake up and act now!

This is no longer business as usual in the U.S.  Educate yourself on these issues: it is far too important to feign ignorance, the stakes are too high.

And, most importantly, seek the Lord while He may be found!  In repentance, ask for divine wisdom as we negotiate the coming days and weeks.  We will have to make very difficult decisions in the near future.


Listen to the full interview with the RiverWinds using the link below.

And for more information on the RiverWinds and their ministry, visit their site here.

LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW HERE: http://www.spreaker.com/user/mxpw/spiritual-encounters-with-the-riverwinds

ARTICLE: Why Does the Government Need Guillotines?  The Common Sense Show, Dave Hodges: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/06/29/why-does-the-government-need-guillotines/

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