Mass migration catastrophe; U.S. next?

“…a flood of people trying to take advantage of the situation and it’s a recipe for disaster.” -Jessica Vaughn, Policy Director, Center for Immigration Studies

Migrants_Hungary Shuts Down Border_10 20 15_Daily MailIn a sobering interview on TruNews, Jessica Vaughn, Policy Director for the Center for Immigration Studies said, “This is an unusual and historic movement of people into Europe.  There is no question that there are people who have been displaced by the war in Syria and that they are in need of protection of some kind.  But this movement of people into nations without any kind of control or screening also provides an opportunity for jihadists to enter Europe and wreak havoc.”She added, “This has the potential to be an existential crisis for the E.U.  The European Union as we know it is in big trouble, and will not emerge from this the same political organization.

Ann Corcoran, Founder of the Refugee Resettlement Watch, said, “The smaller countries like Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, they know they’re doomed if they take in these refugees.”  She then recalled the words of Muammar Gaddafi when she said, “(he) said that Europe would be invaded and conquered by masses of humanity, not with swords and guns but with masses of people.  And, I think he was very prescient in saying that.”

“There is a difference between asylum and just migrating wherever you want to go.  When you seek asylum, you’re supposed to seek asylum in the first nation in which you land.  Those people who are piled up at Calais (France) trying to break into the U.K. are doing what’s called “asylum shopping”.  They don’t want to ask for asylum in France because they don’t feel they’re going to get as many goodies as if they can get in the U.K.  They’re not supposed to be moving all over Europe looking for a better deal, and that’s what’s going on now.  They’re not legitimate asylum seekers fearing persecution; these are opportunists,” Ann said.

In the interview they also discussed the growing number of migrants to be brought to the U.S. and the probable impacts.

If you need to catch up on the frightening events surrounding this migration issue, this interview will highlight some of the shocking and profound developments across Europe and what we may see in our own towns and cities.


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