CIA/DHS email hacked??? By a high schooler??

John Brennan, CIA Director, and Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, are victims of high school hacker on their AOL and Comcast accounts.

John Brennan_CIA Director_10 20 15_DailyMail CIA says they knew about it.  Really?  Classic save face move?  Do they think that sounds better?  So, are we to believe they  couldn’t stop it or that they just did nothing about it?

CNN reports Johnson apologized over the summer for getting a waiver to use personal email on government computers at the Department of Homeland Security — the civilian agency tasked largely with leading the federal government’s cybersecurity efforts. He called it a “whoops” moment and extended an existing ban to cover top officials who had sought waivers for their email access.

Jeh Johnson_Secretary DHS_10 20 15Wait, there are other nutjobs…err-uh, “top officials” who have been requesting waivers for email??  And, they were not immediately whacked in the head and told they were being utterly stupid, and even more disturbingly, potentially dangerous?

The hacker, who called the New York Post to tell them what he did, said in an interview with CNN on Monday, he has yet to be contacted by law enforcement.  The hacker claims to have accessed Brennan’s 47-page application for his security clearance, which includes countless personal details, and to have accessed Johnson’s billing page and voice mails.

Why would any government official with a functioning brain cell have any such information on a public account? Are other now in danger as a result of this security information breech?

I’m truly flabbergasted.  Is this shocking stupidity or shocking ineptitude?  If this is true, we’ve reached a new low in this country and no one is safe.  They’re letting jihadists in the U.S. through the open southern border and bringing them in via the migration crisis deal (with no screening process), and they’re giving them free security information on public email accounts!  Wonderful!


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