Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders closes funding gap with Hillary

A self-described socialist is now a serious presidential candidate; what does that say about the state of mind of the U.S. public?

Bernie Sanders Sept 2015RT News reports that Bernie Sanders raised $26 million dollars for his campaign, only $2 million behind Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s campaign claimed to have raised $28 million in the third quarter.

Sanders is a self-described socialist and was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League.

Isn’t that troubling to you?  How is a socialist even getting close to that amount of funding?  This could not have happened in decades past without a great outcry or at least vigorous debate.  This is very disconcerting.


It shouts that the American public is flirting with a beast named Socialism.  The U.S. populous is more interested in getting things handed to them, as long as it isn’t freedom and liberty (which must be worked for and vigorously maintained), which they are obviously willing to give up for the deception of Socialism.

Socialism reminds me of when I spent extended time in Tokyo, Japan.  There were shops with the most beautiful, carefully sculpted, little candy-like treats in the windows.  My first week there, I stopped in a beautiful shop to try one.  To my surprise, it had no taste and did not have a pleasing texture.  It was like the restaurants; they all had windows with displays of plates of fake food imitating what could be found inside.

Socialism courts.  Socialism tempts.  Socialism is a deception.  It is expensive, tasteless candies.  It is plastic sushi.

This is a trap of the largest magnitude.  Socialism will swallow whole your delusions of easy living and no responsibility.

What does the Bible say about Socialism?  It says that we are to work for six days and rest on the sabbath.  It says that a man who will not work is not to eat.

Exodus 31:15 says 15 “For six days work may be done, but on the seventh day there is a sabbath of complete rest, holy to the LORD ; whoever does any work on the sabbath day shall surely be put to death.”

It is repeated almost word for word two other times, in Exodus 35:2 and Leviticus 23:3.  Apparently God thought it was important.

Then, in the brit Hadashah/New Testament, II Thessalonians 3:10 says, “if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.”

There is a clear principle of working and working hard, but also of not being rewarded for not working.  Laziness is never condoned or tolerated in scripture.

Scripture also gave us the principles of helping the needy, the widow, the orphan, those in trouble.  Generosity and caring for community is built into the very definition of Godly behavior according to Biblical texts.

I say again, Socialism is a trap.  It lures you with the idea of everyone being taken care of by the benevolent, father Government, when the truth lurking in the shadows waiting to spring to life is that the same sinful nature and corruption of man immediately take over.  The elite take for themselves and make statements such as, “Let them eat cake,” while leaving the masses to do without.

Anyone remember the French Revolution?

France_Guillotine_332x449In a great article by Paul McGuire, he states, “…the French Revolution had a fatal philosophical flaw: it basically made man a god and ignored the Biblical concept that Man was a fallen creature and easily corruptible by things like power.  In contrast, the American Revolution incorporated these Biblical truths and created a unique form of government based on the balance of power in which the three different branches of government were theoretically designed to act as checks and balances on power.  In addition, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were unique documents designed to keep in check the corruption of political power, if they are given the proper place the Founders of the Constitution provided for.”

He described the downfall, “The philosophy of Rousseau championed individual freedom, but it did not call for safeguards against the age-old problem of the corruption of power.  Although Jean-Jacques Rousseau had noble ideas, they were used by clever political opportunists like Robespierre to create the Reign of Terror.  France was subjected to terrorism as a strategic political tool by Robespierre to create the Reign of Terror when countless people would be beheaded by the guillotines; there were riots in the streets, and sexual orgies in the churches.  The French Revolution, despite it’s pious rhetoric, led inevitably to a tyrannical dictatorship.”

ARTICLE: Terror, Paris, “We are not afraid”, and the New Enlightenment, by Paul McGuire

“But the lesson of history is that Hitler used the threat of terrorism to establish dictatorial control of Germany and the German people passionately cried out for Hitler and the Nazi Party to establish that dictatorship in order to protect them from terrorism.”

Did that last statement make you shiver?  Can that be happening again, but here in the U.S.?

The government is not being honest now!  Why do you think it would be more honest with even more unbridled power?

“Absolute power, when given to man and not God, inevitably corrupts.”

Maybe because education in this country is so bloomin’ awful no one remembers history: which means we are doomed to repeat it.

When TPP was being discussed, over a million people strongly protested throughout Europe because the treaties would take away so many freedoms.  Here in the U.S.?  I haven’t met one person who even knows what I’m talking about when I mention it.

Our freedoms were very hard won.  Very few nations on this small globe in space ever achieved it.

Once relinquished, they will not be easily recovered.

Wake up, people!  You are about to become another cautionary tale!  You are flirting with a temptress that lures you into thinking your life would be better by giving up all your freedom.  It will not!  Like a spider, it will eat you when it’s finished with you!  You are already among the very richest people on the planet; even if you are struggling to make ends meet!

Where is the Roman Empire?  Where is the Assyrian Empire?  Long is the list of empires that have crumbled under the unforgiving weights of corruption and neglect.

Are we next?



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