David Beahm – “It’s hard to imagine after looking at these charts that anyone is even considering raising rates”

“The Feds failure to make good on threats in September was carelessly blamed on China and all the other global economies except the U.S. economy.”

Blanchard Gold9/30/15 – Today David Beahm, Executive Vice President of Blanchard & Company, commented on the grim financial outlook in an economic news update.

“And, now the Fed is starting the process of continuously rolling out its Fed parrots to try and convince the world once again that the Fed will make good on its threats to raise its Fed funds rate a smidgen off its zero boundary.”

“The next meeting is at the end of October.  By then, the debt ceiling limit fight will be in full-swing or the government will be in complete limp mode.”

“Check out these charts.  Some are a little outdated, but nothing has changed.”

Charts 9 29 15
Charts courtesy of Blanchard & Company.

And, with the article on Zero Hedge yesterday revealing the regulators cracking down on precious metals price manipulation, it’s obvious there’s blood in the water and the piranhas are circling.

For all of us Watchmen on the Wall it’s just more evidence of what we already know.  All of these clues are signs of what’s coming and give us an idea of timing.  But we know we must be ready at all times and in all seasons!  Ultimately our fate lies not with man but with God.  Our responsibility is to be faithful in obedience and watch!

“See to it that no one deceives you…when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.” -Matthew 24