9/14/15 Inverview with Gerald Celente – “It’s Going To Be Worse Than the Crash of ’29”

“Watch commodity prices very closely, watch currency and watch China because we’re going to see a lot of broken china.”

Gerald_Celente_TRUNEWS“We’re in the midst now of a global economic slow-down, a meltdown, that’s gonna be worse than the crash of 1929 because it’s been artificially inflated since the panic of ’08 with trillions of dollars of cheap money to pump up the equity markets so the big guys can make a lot of dough as everybody else loses money.  The average American family has lost 6K dollars since ’08.”

(Excerpts from an interview on TruNews, Monday, September 14, 2015)

Question: Gerald, has there been anything of this scale since World War II?

“It’s going to be bigger…It’s a moral breakdown with many implications…As a guy born in the Bronx we used to have this saying, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.  And that’s what you’re going to see.  Not only the ‘lose it’ of the people that would never think of committing crimes because now they just have nothing to live for, but now on this lower socioeconomic level, the ladder to success no longer exists.  So their going to be joining more crime gangs.  So their going to take the violent way because the other path is being taken away.  So what we’re looking at is a very unsettling future unless we restore morality back into this nation and to me that’s the only way out.”

Question: Gerald are we going to get through 2015 without a financial panic?

“We have forecast on August 6th, that we believe a financial panic will happen before the end o the year.  And my greatest concern is, when all else fails they take you to war…We are on a path of recreating history…Median household income actually is below 1999 levels…The gap between the rich and the poor is wider than it was during the Gilded Age.  And now you’re talking about currency wars with China…When all else fails they take you to war.”

Question: What are you observations about the political climate in the United States in 2015?

“…right now the mistrust is so broad, this is the time for a new movement…The reason that Trump is gaining the way he is,is that he’s running against a bunch of rookies.  Anybody that lives in New York knows the power of Trump…He is a Burlusconi of America.  The people will vote for him thinking that because…that if they have a billionaire in office they’ll get rich too and he’ll solve the problems.  It will be tyrant Trump; I could see that happening.  If I were to make a forecast now, he will win…Then we will have no peace, no prosperity with the Bloods and Crypts in office.  And to me that’s all the Republicans and Democrats are, they are murders and thieves…they’ve robbed our money in the name of too big to fail bail outs and other deals with their buddies.  So to me anybody that’s associated with the Bloods and Crypts that they prefer to call Republicans and Democrats are accessories to crime.”

“Obama has been the greatest fraud that this nation has ever seen.  You remember, he was going to revisit NAFTA, now he shoves down the Trans Pacific Partnership down our throat.  It was going to be a transparent government; he’s a transparent liar.  He won’t even let us, we the people, read the Trans Pacific Partnership.  You remember, no more troops in Afghanistan, he was going to cut the troop level in half: until he changed his mind.”

“It’s the Wizard of Oz, there’s an old man behind a curtain with a dog.  That’s why Trump is running all over these guys.  Because he knows what little boys they are.  They can’t compete with him; these are sheltered little politicians.  Yes, there are the powers behind the scenes but there are the powers in front of us.  The people are afraid to admit what little low-lifes are in high office that are making these decisions.”

Question: You’ve projected that there will be a financial panic before the year is over.  Do you have any speculation of where and how it’s going to start?

“It’s very difficult because I’ve been wrong before because they come up with schemes undreamed of.  I would have never imagined a thing as quantitative easing…You never know what kind of schemes they’re going to come up with, that’s what makes it difficult to name the time and the place and the where and the how.  If I were to assume where it’s going to happen…all eyes on China.  Because China is doing everything they can to prop up the Shanghai…China is just the canary it the equity market mine…I would say keep your eye on China…Look at the exports coming out now out of Taiwan and South Korea, they’re down like 14 and 15%…Watch commodity prices very closely, watch currency and watch China because we’re going to see a lot of broken china.”

Comment: I have a gut feeling it’s going to start in Asia on a Sunday night.

“Yes, that’s a good point.  And the other thing that people don’t know is that China makes a lot of it’s policy during the weekend.”

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