News Update 9/3/15

California 3rd World Conditions, Corruption of Children, Immigration Issues, Russia and Syria, Saudi’s Begin Bombing ISIS, NATO, Ukraine, Chemical Weapons, Authorized Drones, Biometrics, and more.
1)  California communities now in 3rd world conditions

2)  Corruption with our children

3)  Immigration tensions rise.

4)  Who’s fighting who?  it’s getting more and more messy.

5)  Saudi forces begin bombing runs against ISIL/ISIS.

5)  NATO forces stretching out.

6)  Crisis in Ukraine continues to mount.

7) Chemical weapons stocked.

8) ND authorizes use of weaponized drones.

7)  Evidence mounts on Roundup’s link to liver, kidney damage.

8)  September begins with 470 point DOW decline.

10)  Biometrics rolling out at border.

11)  Europe’s migrant crisis worsens.