News Update 8/16/15

Here are some important quotes from the past week on the topic of financial issues.  Open eyes, repentant hearts!

“I happen to think we’ve started the next bear market…The key you have to watch out for, when Mr. Fisher…comes out, takes to the podium and says we are going to do another round of QE and that sends stocks lower, that’s when you know it’s time to take cover. I think that day is coming where investors and citizens throughout the world will finally lose all faith in central bankers.”

Question: Will we get through the rest of 2015 without a panic in the markets?

“Well, timing is crucial, and if I had to guess, I believe we’ve already started what I consider to be the most devastating period of economic turmoil and chaos in the history of investing. So I would say the answer to that question is no.”

-Michael Pento, Economist, Author
An excerpt from a TruNews interview, 8/10/15 (
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Question: If we are going into a major correction what do you expect it to look like?

“The only thing holding it together is the false belief that the FED is finished printing money. QE is not over. The balance sheet is going to explode out of control…towards 10 trillion.”

“The next time the dollar goes down, especially with a Keynesian response to recession and existing bonds maturing, who is going to buy our low-yield bonds if China is not there? Nobody!”

Question: So what’s your time frame…in your mind, then?

“Something’s gonna happen by next year. Because everybody expects the FED to raise rates this year. And if they do, if they come forward with a meaningless quarter-point rate hike, that’s not gonna be enough to prop up the dollar. The FED is going to have to do more.   But I think a quarter of a point is too much for this fragile economy. Look at the first half GDP; it was 1.45 %! Atlanta FED GDP now this week lowered their forecast for Q3 to .7! A year ago the economy grew 5% in the third quarter!”

-Peter Schiff, Economist, Financial Analyst, Author, 98% accuracy in forecasting
An excerpt from an InfoWars interview with Alex Jones, 8/14/15 (

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“The End Of The Debt Based Economic Model: The Greatest Threat To Humankind”


What people fail to understand is the profoundness of the statement made today (2-13-15) by Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller, and something I myself have been warning about for years. That is the collapse of the bond/debt market. The structure of the global monetary system is dependent upon debt expansion in perpetuity, therefore when the debt market collapses the entire world monetary system will cease to function at that moment. Banks will close, cash will become near worthless, and all business activity will stop. Governments will have no choice but to declare Martial law to keep order as public panic and pandemonium explode in the streets of every nation on Earth. This single event will have a worse effect than a nuclear exchange with regard to the loss of human life as basic resources will not be available to anyone. This single event, and we are seeing cracks in the debt bubble right now, will be the defining moment for humanity as the paradigm of the debt based economic model collapses.”

-Gregory Mannarino, Finanical Advisor/Analyst